Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Our Finished Art

This is our art which we have finished. It needed a bit more sparkle so we added glitter which we think looks like a starry night.  When we look at our art we feel happy and proud. We worked so hard and Mrs Ryan is super proud of us!

Monday, 12 August 2019

Kura Pounamu and Rainbow Fish

This week in Kura Pounamu we have been learning about Friendships. 

We read the book about Rainbow Fish and created our own Rainbow Fish artwork. We also wrote stories about how we are good friends. Check out some of these below...

" I am a good friend because I play nicely" By Angelo

" I can be a friend by helping when someone is hurt. I am a good friend" By Dylan

" I am a good friend because I share the toys" By Seulata

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Ice Explorers

This week was pretty cold but we still had some brave explorers at PBL time. They went outside and found that the rain had meant that water was inside the tyres by the bike track. Then in the frosty weather the water froze and formed these amazing big pieces of ice. They tried different ways to get it out so that they could have the biggest pieces. Then they worked together to make an ice picture on the footpath! Check it out below!

Thursday, 1 August 2019

James Rizzi Art

James Rizzi was an American pop artist famous for his vibrant art. His art made us feel very happy. We made a city and made it look colourful. We think you should have a look at his art and tell us how it makes you feel. We will put a photo up of our art when it is finished. Watch this space!

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

My Birthday!

What an amazing hub I belong to! The last Saturday of the school holidays I turned 30. When I got to school on Monday morning I found that my classroom had been decorated by some amazing teaching colleagues and they had made a birthday cake and had planned party games for all the students in the hub.
What an incredible day we had together celebrating my birthday. We had a party in the afternoon where we had delicious party food and we played party games. It was amazing to see so many of the students had not played pass the parcel before.
Over the first week back, we played a range of party games so the students would be able to play these at their own birthday parties in the future. We had so much fun!!!



Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This term Te Ara Whakatau have been beginning to learn about different fairytales. We have started by learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The students have been blowing us away with how they can retell the story to others. Here is a video of Luka sharing the story to his class, he cut out all the pictures himself and glued them to make his own story page! Fantastic retelling Luka!

Monday, 8 July 2019


During the last two weeks of term we were learning about Matariki. Te Rōpū Kura Pounamu, Te Rōpū Whakaute, and Te Rōpū Wawata learnt about many different versions of the stories on how Matariki began. We sang songs and also learnt about how people celebrate Matariki. We ended the term by making our very own Matariki kites. We had to draw the seven stars on them and then fold them carefully to make the kites. Then we got to fly them, it was loads of fun!