Thursday, 24 May 2018

National Simultaneous Storytime

Yesterday at 1pm a group of students all sat down during their lunchtime to listen to a story. This was a really special storytime because many other people were reading the same story at the same time throughout the whole country! This was called National Simultaneous storytime and we joined over 1,062,000 other people that were reading Hickory Dickory Dash at the same time. Below is a video of someone else reading the story in case you want to check it out.

Monday, 14 May 2018

End of term Celebration

At the end of term 2 we celebrated the end of the redevelopment of our school and we shared our new hub, building and classroom names. At our celebration each class did a little presentation to share with the other classes, hub, and our Whānau how to pronounce them and what they mean. Take a look at the presentations below to learn more about our names and what they mean.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Our New Blog Buddies

We are very excited to begin working with our new buddy school in Auckland. We are going to follow their blog (see the link on the left of this page) and comment on their learning this term. 

Our blog buddies are Room 8 from Wesley Primary School. We look forward to getting to know them a little better by watching their learning that they share on their blog. 

We took advantage of the Warehouse Stationery 'Get NZ Writing' postcards to send some greetings to our new buddy class. We did a 10 minute Quick Write to send them a little message.

We hope the mail will give them a nice surprise and Make Their Day!