Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Ronald McDonald

On Monday the Junior Hub had a special guest come in to see them, it was Ronald McDonald! He needed our help to find lost red and white striped sock. Along the way we learned some important road safety messages too. Have a look at some cool photos and videos to see how awesome it was.

Mrs McAllan read the story while Ronald McDonald acted it out.

We all know we have to "belt up quick" before the car can move down the street.

Oh no Ronald almost fell over something because he wasn't looking where he was going!

Crossings with a road patrol at school are good to cross at.

Ronald began hi story, you'll never guess what he lost!

Make it click!

On friday we practised singing the Stop, look and listen song from Ronald McDonald!

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  1. Wow! Ronald McDonald is pretty cool. I have never actually seen him and what he does when he visits schools so I am pleased you put up those videos. He brought some very important messages with him. Ka mau te wehi Ronald!!