Thursday, 24 November 2016

Dreams or Aspirations?

We have been learning about the difference between dreams and aspirations. Our dreams are wishes that can’t come true. Our aspirations are things that we can work towards and make happen.

Nikau - Dreams are when you think about what you want to do.

We watched a video called the Spectacular Flying Frog. Isaiah the frog didn’t know how to swim. He couldn’t get across the river to go to the carnival with his friends and was feeling very sad. He took advice from his forest friends and made himself a set of wings from feathers and leaves in hope of flying to the carnival instead. He had an aspiration to fly. His idea worked and he flew to the carnival, much to the amazement of the other frogs. They gave him a ribbon for being the most amazing frog at the festival. Isiah said, “I took a leap of faith”. He took a chance and had a go.

Lachlan - He could do it because he wanted it really, really bad.

Daisy - If you try something and keep trying it might work.

Benaiah - The frog’s big dream was to fly.

Lucy - He had to ask the others for help.

Addison - He gave it a go.

To help us try to decide what could be something that really happens and what could never happen, we talked about if the story was true or not. The people on the right thought the story couldn’t really happen. The people on the left thought that it was a true story. There were some of us in the middle who just weren’t sure.


Ms Speden gave us lots of examples of imagination dreams that we could think about. Lots of them made us laugh. Then we thought of our own dreams. We closed our eyes to dream about what our big wish would be.

Daisy - I want to ride on a big fluffy unicorn.

Shyla - I want to be a wizard like Harry Potter and Hermione.

Fenix - I want to be a Minecraft person.

Ethan H - Whenever I put a bowl out it fills up with lollies.

Mrs McAllan - It would be amazing if I was a fairy who could come and visit the fairy gardens here at school, at Marsali’s house, at Milla’s Nana’s house and at Soheilla’s house.

Milla - I wish I was a pixie. My sister used to play with me and pretend we could fly around the house.

Hamish - I wish I was in the Paralympics.

We all had our own piece of paper to record our dreams and illustrate them. We had the most amazing and fun ideas that we loved sharing with each other. We will be working on finishing them on Friday and will post some of our completed masterpieces then.





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