Tuesday, 8 November 2016

More Swimming

Check out these superstars zooming down the pool. There were more than a few proud and amazed teachers and parents with a little tear in their eye watching our wonderful tamariki set goals for themselves and achieve amazing progress in the pool over the last week. It is so wonderful to see!

Go Brodie!

Way to go Alizae!


  1. Hi Junior Hub, I'm Nika from St Bernadette's School. I like how you showed a video and put a comment of who was swimming under it. Maybe next time you could write what swim school you went to. Do you do this every year?

  2. Hi Junior Hub, my name is Mikaela I am from St. Bernadette's School, I think you all are amazing at swimming. At my school we haven't gone swimming this year so it was interesting to watch you guys swim. Where did you go swimming ?

  3. Hello my name is Isabel, I'm a year 6 at St Bernadette's School. I hope you had a good time swimming and learnt a lot of skills in the pool. Maybe next time you could write a small sentence saying what you did and if you learned something new. What was the favourite skill you learned at swimming ?