Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Mr Teddy

The children having been having some fun at action stations this week. They have especially liked the new member of our classroom Mr Teddy. Mr Teddy has been very lucky to have so many people reading their stories to him below are some videos of some of the awesome Junior Hub children in action!

Cody did an amazing job of reading to Teddy!

Kirihama read his whole story all by himself, Teddy loved listening

Boston read to Teddy and the rest of the class!

Dakota did a great job of reading his story teddy was very happy.

  Phoenix and Teddy both like Greedy Cat!


  1. Hi my name is Felix I go to St Bernadette's School. I like that you have a Mr Teddy. I like that you can read to him.

  2. Hello my name is Ansia.I am a Year 6 at St.Bernadettes School. The Junior Hub did a great job at reading with Mr Teddy. Next time could you pronounce the words more loudly so I can hear it better. Keep up the good work.