Wednesday, 23 November 2016

William Stedman

Today we had an amazing afternoon with the inspiring William Stedman. At only 16 years old William has won two bronze medals at the recent Paralympic games in Rio. We loved having him here and all the students were buzzing when he left. Thank you so much William you are an inspiration!

This was the favourite part of the day for many, racing William. Man he is fast!

Please take the time to listen to William's inspirational words. You too can achieve your dreams and aspirations!


  1. Hey Guys, Hannah O here!
    It's great to hear this! He sounds so awesome.
    What was your favourite part?
    Bog Ya Later!

  2. hello it is Elijescha from Rata.

    you are so good at running!

    mady you should practise more!

    It is great fun to run!

  3. Hey guys its Bryce it looked like you were all having fun cheking out all the medals, but what was your favourite part and why you liked it the best. Keep the good work up you all neally beat him. Bye bye.