Friday, 24 March 2017

Our Place in the World

This term our School Inquiry topic is We are NZ - Our Place in the world. In the Junior Hub we are looking at the different cultures that make up our classroom. We have so many different interesting cultures in our classroom it will be great to learn about them all! We are also looking at what makes us New Zealanders and what Kiwiana means. We started with a fun gumboot throw on Friday!

Take a look at these amazing throws!


  1. Hi my name is Lily I go to South Hornby School in Christchurch
    I love your videos the videos are so funny. I remember doing that in year 2 and 1 it was really fun maybe next time you can make one big video with kids talking about who is doing it and what there doing.
    Thank for sharing

  2. Hi my name is Kadyn, I go to South Hornby School. I love your videos because they are so so funny. but to get better you could practice and you will get better and better because i got better and better too.

  3. Hi Mediana here.
    In the first video I did not notice that the junior´s was throwing boots.
    Who came up with this CRAZY Idea to throw boots?
    When did you do the boot throwing?

  4. What are you doing with the bot

  5. Hi my name is Talia, I go to south hornby school in Christchurch. I really like you videos and were you choose to film. Maybe next time you could make the videos a little bit longer, But other wise I think you did an amazing job.

  6. Hi junior hub I Like how you put videos but maybe you should anid more information. blog you later!!