Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Months of the Year


  1. Hi my name is lauren I am a year 6 student at yaldhurst school.I really like that video My favorite part is when you sang the beautiful song. Was it fun learning the song. From Lauren



  2. Hi my name is saxon from yaldhurst model school, I like your months of the year video. You guys are real cool kids.

  3. Hi my name is nikoli I am a year 6 student at yaldhurst school.I really like that video My favorite part is when you sang the wonderful song. Was it fun learning the song it was great. From nikoli


  4. Hello,
    My name is Ariana from Yaldhurst Model School. I love seeing this because it reminds me of when I learned how to sing the alphabet. When you take the videos I can hear the background which gets rid of the quality.

    Looking forward to your next post,

  5. Hello Lucy here from Yaldhurst Model School,
    This is a very cool video,
    What are you going to learn next?
    I'm looking forward to you next post.
    Thanks Lucy from YMS.

  6. Hi jonior hub,

    I really like your post. It's great that you know how to sing and write the months. Next time add more info about your post. Other wise I like this post. What is your favorite month mine is October because it is the months of my brithday. Looking forward to reading more of your post.

    Bree Yaldhurst model school

  7. Hi junior hub Shikarn here from Senior hub.

    Your video about the months of the year was amazing. What are you going to learn next? Cant wait for your next post.

  8. Kia ora koutou.
    What a great way to share your learning. Whose voice is that in the video? I like how you are learning to say the months, read the names and write them. I like how you have learned a song to help your learning.
    Ka mau te wehi!!

  9. Kia ora Junior hub
    Chloe here from in the senior hub.
    Great singing guys I heard some unbelivable voices amongst you.
    Well done keep it up.
    I love how you can say the days of the months but even better in a song kai pia.
    blog you later

  10. Hi ther junior hub
    it looks like you had alot of fun doing months of the year in class. its so cool how you can remember the months of the year and even in a song.

    From Grace

  11. Hi there Junior Hub, My name is Abby from Yaldhurst.
    It seems like you liked doing this and memorising the months and remembering to sing the song.

  12. Hi Junior Hub,

    I really like your video! It reminds me of when I was a little kid. It sounds like you had a good time learning the Months of the Year. What is your favourite Month of the year?

    Yaldhurst Model School

  13. Hey Junior Hub!
    Its good to see that you guys know your months of the year! Do you know the seasons? If so whats your favorite season?
    From Hannah,
    Yaldhurst School!

  14. Hi Junior Hub,
    It's good to know the months of the year so you organise birthdays. Have you learned about the 4 seasons of the year and/or about leap years yet?

    from Jacob,
    Yaldhurst Model School

  15. Hi Junior Hub,

    I thought you did a good video about months of the year.
    Why did you make a video about the months of the year.
    When I was in my first year of school, our class had to say all the months of the year when class started.
    What is your favorite month.

    Kind regards Ian.
    Yaldhurst Model School.

  16. Hi junior hub

    Awesome post about the mouths of the year it is always important to know so you can figure out when all the important events are on.

    yaldhurst model school

  17. Hi Junior Hub, I am Ellie, year 6 from St Bernadette's school. I liked how you learnt the months of the year and how you found out everyone's birthdays. What are you going to learn next? I look forward in seeing more work from the Junior Hub

  18. Dear Junior Hub. I'm Zach from St Bernadette's School. I really like your months of the year slideshow. Your all great singers. I think it is really cool to have somebody telling you what is happening. Next time put in more moving clips because they are really cool.

  19. Hello, My name is Caleb. I am a Year 5 student from St. Bernadette's Primary School.

    I liked the Months of the Year song and that some of the slides had videos. Next time, you could record the kids getting into the order. Keep up the good work!

  20. Kia Ora Junior hub!
    Well done, LOVELY singing!
    Awsome there are a lot of birthdays!
    Well that was me Emalea

  21. Hi Junior Hub, I like this video because you put June & July as the most popular birthdays!
    There were lots of birthdays in the junior hub.

  22. Hi! Junior Hub my name is Antonette, I am a year 6 student at St.Bernadette's Primary School. I really liked the way you showed how many birthdays you have in a Month. Maybe next time you could say at the top what you were learning. I am excited to more work from you Junior Hub.

  23. Hi Junior Hub! My name is Telesia. I am a year 6 student at St. Bernadette's Primary School.

    I liked that you showed the Months of the Year in order, and showed your birthdays! Next time, you could make a moving clip for when the class puts the months in order. I'm looking forward to seeing more presentations from the Junior Hub!

  24. hi junior hub well done you did very good

  25. Hi junior Hub, My name is Nici from South Hornby School
    I really like how you can put the months in order. Maybe next time you could show us a close up on the months in order. What inspired you to learn about the months?
    Blog you later Nici

  26. Hi Junior Hub this Sanele from st Bernadette's. This is Fantastic!. I love the way the kids learnt it off by heart and I could really hear the months of the year.I thought that they sounded tremendous and they look like little stars. Something you need to work on is maybe you could put a WALT for people to see on top of your work. I look forward to seeing more of your tremendous presentations. Good job and keep it up.

  27. HI Junior Hub, this is Tama a Year 6 student from St. Bernadette's School. I love the pictures in your slideshow that you made. Next time you could put more information about the Months of the Year and you can put a WALT. I am looking foreword to seeing your next presentation.