Saturday, 10 June 2017

Action Stations


  1. Hello, Little Children Like You Are Very Skilled And Clever.
    I Really Like How You Made This Masterpiece I Hope More Comments Come Along.
    I Like This Video Because Yuo Kids Are So Clever And Creative With You Work.

  2. hi there yous are so clever and cute.

  3. Hi my name is Chloe and I am from south hornby school.I like how the children are so creative.I wish I could be as creative as you guys. I think that you could put names down of who had the best creation but I think it is mean so no they all look so cute and say that they all have cute faces and they also have really great art work. :)

    Your blog friend Chloe you can vist my blog if you click this link

  4. Hi Junior Hub My name is Nici From South Hornby School
    I really like how you made all of those playdoh thing, my favorite one was the lion one. Maybe next time you could put some music with it. How did you get those like that?
    Love to hear back
    Could you check my blog out?
    Blog you later Nici

  5. Hello, I love how you have done these stations It look's so cool and you look like clever little kids Look's amazing and hope you enjoy those stations have fun?