Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Writing Time in Weka and Pukeko

This week we have been talking about what we like the best in our new hub. We have shared our ideas in small groups and we are using the Tellagami app to share our thoughts and ideas. 
Our sentence starter was "What I like in the new hub..."
The students have enjoyed creating their piece of writing using this app, it has allowed the students to all be successful and be able to share their ideas.  By Kirihama By James By AJ By Mikayla


  1. Hi junior hub your videos are amazing and the videos Im commenting about are really cool.

  2. hello I am very happy about your guys point of bullies it is very nice. and how James told us
    about the numbers of the week. from Tennessee :D

  3. Hi Junior Hub My name is Nici from South Hornby School
    I really like how you said that you don't like bullies. Maybe next time you could say it a bit slower. How did you find that app or whatever it is? How did you get your text that colour? How did you get the mouth to move when the say something?

    love to hear back.
    Why don't you check out my blog
    Blog you Later Nici

    1. Hi Nici, the app is called Tellagami and it is free to download to your iPad. You just push a button to record your speech and the app moves the character for you. It's very easy and lots of fun! :)

  4. Hi Junior hub, I really like how you said you dont like bullies, Maybe next time you could make them a bit slower. How did you get the mouths to move? I think you did great.

  5. Hi Junior Hub I really like how you did those videos and I like how you put your name on the side