Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Quick 60 Alphabet

All term Boston, Olivia K, Marshall, MJ, Ethen, Deegan, Ky-Mani, Kaizah-Rae, Micah and Ezra have been working on their reading and writing every afternoon. Everyday we learn a new letter and read a new story. We also learn a new word and write a whole sentence! They have worked amazingly hard, take a look at this video to see some of their work.



  1. Wow! Awesome work Gilberthorpe kids! You have learned so many new words and your writing looks great! Ka pai!

    1. I agree with Ngaire that you hav learind you fantasic words in your handwriting.How long have you been doing this for? Maybe next time you could put in pitures in the backround so that it looks more intristing.

      Love to here more
      Blog you later

    2. Sorry for the spelling mistakes.Wasent looking and corecting them.

    3. Again I now my spelling

  2. amazing work Gilberthorpe your pictures are great i think you should not place the names.

  3. WOW great work on that! Keep striving to succeed your goal, amazing work guys!

  4. Kia Ora, Gilberthorpe I am very proud of all of you learning new words every day. This reminds me of when I first learnt how to spell all of those words. Maybe next time you could make the slide a bit slower so we can read it without having to pause it. Thank you,

  5. Hi Im Lily from SHS and Im a year 5. WOW thats so cute I love how you have made the video. I remember doing that when I was a junior. Maybe next time you could get the kids saying the words on there boards.

  6. hi my name is Brianna and im from South Hornby School, it is amazing to see you learning yours letters and learning how to write sentences

  7. Talofa lava Juniors. It's Siyona here from Rimu Class good job. This reminds me of when I first learnt how to spell all of those words in kindergarten.

  8. Wow! I really like how you constructed your blurb that way. It really makes me think about the time I did handwriting when I was a junior.Have you ever done something like this before? Are you going to do it again? Maybe next time you could make the video a bit smaller so that we can read it easily. I really liked how you managed to use SISIMO. Sight, Sound and motion.

  9. Hi Gilberthorpe school.
    I am Layla and I come from South Hornby School.
    I LOVE the video and the pictures. It looks like you guys have done a REALLY hard job! Have you done words or the letters?
    Good Job!


  10. Kia ora koutou
    I love the clip you have made and how you have used sight, sound and motion. This is a great way to share your learning. I am looking forward to seeing more of your writing. Keep up the great mahi.
    Miss Waho

  11. Hi junior hub
    My name is Aliyah and I'm From south hornby school . That video was AMAZING I love that you used different colors on most parts by the way it looks like you have worked SUPER hard. did some of you have trouble writing the words
    From Aliyah