Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Our Sunflowers

We were so excited to arrive back at school after our Christmas Holidays and find our little sunflower seeds that we had planted had grown into beautiful yellow flowers. They made us smile every time we looked out the windows at them. The tamariki have loved comparing their own height to the sunflowers and deciding if the flowers were taller than them or not.

After the big wind last week the sunflowers had begun to die off and today we were able to harvest the flower heads to retrieve the seeds. We had lots of keen helpers collecting the heads, pulling out the big plants and fixing up the garden so that the remaining flowers could carry on growing. Oskar was amazing and determinedly followed through the process from the start to finish. He is a very passionate gardener and shared lots of stories about what he does in the garden at home with Mum.

The tamariki then helped carry the dead plants to the compost, watered the rest of our gardens and packed away all the garden tools. They are amazing young gardeners!

Collecting the heads from the flowers.

Carefully digging and pulling out the plants.

Look at all our seeds!


  1. Kia ora Te Ara Whakatau.
    It was so lovely seeing your beautiful sunflowers grow over summer. I heard that you have gathered the seeds from this year's sunflowers so I am looking forward to seeing these in abundance next year. You have done a great job with all of this growing.

  2. Kia ora. The sunflowerrs very amazing, it was great to see them when I came back into school during the holidays, the definitely brightened up the day. I can't wait to see what you plant next :-) . Keep up the great work.