Thursday, 15 March 2018

Busy In The Kitchen

Today we made the most of our excess carrots and bananas that we had delivered as part of our Fruit in Schools programme. We have had lovely roasted carrots for the last three days. The smell of them cooking made all of our tummies rumble each morning and the tamariki gobbled them up so fast when they came out of the oven. 

Miss Corry and a small team of professional bakers whipped up two banana cakes today for the tamariki to eat. There were queues for a piece of lovely cake at the start of lunchtime today.

We love having a kitchen to be able to learn in and would hugely appreciate any donations of baking ingredients that you could spare to keep our tamariki learning such wonderful and practical life skills.

Olivia mashing the bananas.
Miss Corry helping with the measurements.
Olivia and Amira leading the washing up team.
Gobbling up the roasted carrots.
Deegan measuring the butter.
Impatient kids waiting for the microwave to finish. 6 minutes is a long time!
One of the beautiful banana cakes.


  1. looks busy and connor ky-mani and deegan is just eating it all up yum yum!!!!!!!

  2. Kia ora Te Ara Whakatau.
    How fantastic that your teachers are spending time in the kitchen with you and using the space you have. I love too that you are able to use the fruit and vegetables we are given from Fruit in Schools. I am impressed with the speed of the microwave. I have never been very good at using microwaves so seeing your cake look so good is a new thing for me. Enjoy.

  3. hi there mrs hay my name is chloe from yms, that cake or what ever it is it look yummy can you send me a recipe because I would like to make it here's a question, how long did it take you to make this??? from chloe king at yms school bye.

  4. I like cooking I like cake to

  5. Hi, Te Ara Whakatau

    Just reading this post made my mouth water, and when got up to the banana cake it looked so Yum! It looks like they had a lot of fun baking and cooking. I also love roasted carrots, and it seems that the everybody likes them too!

    From Yaldhurst Model School

  6. Hi,Te Ara Whakatau.

    I love how your cooking the extra fruit you get given to make desistios food. What is the banana bread recipe you used? As a baker myself I would be so grateful to get any cool recipes or tips you can give me.

    Awesome Post!
    From Hannah,
    Year 8,
    Yaldhurst Model School

  7. Hi Mrs hay
    Eben here from yaldhurst model school this reminded me of the time when I made ice cream ill tell you my recipe for ice cream if you tell me the cake recipe because it looks so yummy maybe next time you could say why you decided to make the cake
    Kind regards Eben

  8. Kia orana Te Ara Whakatau, We are Room 6 with Gerhard from Waikowhai Primary School. We liked reading about your baking that you did in class. It made us hungry because you cakes looked so delicious! Do you have a secret recipe for making such amazing banana cakes? Thank you for sharing your photos. From Room 6 & Gerhard

  9. Guten Tag! Mrs Hay,
    Your blog post already made me hungry, and I am glad that the juniors collaborated together to create a good lunch, it seems like they really are being busy in the kitchen. Great blog post!