Thursday, 8 March 2018

Harvest Time

Today we were able to harvest many of the vegetables that we planted at the end of last year. Kale, corn and tomatoes were all ready to be picked! There were very excited squeals as we peeked inside the leaves of the corn to see if it was ready and we saw the beautiful yellow kernels emerge.  

 The tamariki dug over our first garden and have prepared it for our next planting. They tidied up after themselves, cleaned our tools and put all our waste into the compost. 

They are so proud of what they have grown and they are looking forward to being brave and trying some kale chips tomorrow!

Our kale, corn and the first of our tomatoes

This garden is all ready to plant again. Our next plants will be beans and lots of radishes in this garden.

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  1. Hi is Isaac from yaldhurst model school I like the way that yous have been hunting vegetables and that you are trying to be kind of healthy around that area but then also trying to learn how vegetables grow and I hope you have been having fun we have been going some vegetables that are school by from Isaac