Monday, 14 May 2018

End of term Celebration

At the end of term 2 we celebrated the end of the redevelopment of our school and we shared our new hub, building and classroom names. At our celebration each class did a little presentation to share with the other classes, hub, and our Whānau how to pronounce them and what they mean. Take a look at the presentations below to learn more about our names and what they mean.


  1. This is brilliant! The names have such rich meaning and you all presented these so well. The song that you sang was also beautiful. It was a fantastic celebration, a great day all round. I wonder what your favourite parts of the day were???

  2. Talofa lava Te Ara Whakatau.
    This is the best slide I have seen for a long time. What a great way to capture and keep these memories alive. You all did a wonderful job and I am looking forward to when we can hear your waiata again.

  3. Hello.
    My name is Maddiosn I am a year six and I go to Yaldhurst Model School.
    I love watching presentations on google slide and I like to make them so every time I see on I like to watch it.

    I all of the names had such a cool meanings.

    What was your favorite part of the day?
    Did you have fun creating everything?

    KAi Pi

    Kind Regards Maddison from Yaldhurst Model School.