Monday, 14 November 2016

Our Brave Tamariki

We had a very small, brave turnout at school today with lots of people choosing to stay home with families after last night's earthquake.

We practised our earthquake drills and how to evacuate to our safe place on the field.

Little did we know that we would have to do the real thing in the afternoon!

We are so proud of the tamariki and how they reacted to the 6.3 earthquake that hit our school today at 1.34pm.

When alerted to the earthquake they protected themselves with the best turtles that we have ever seen. They stayed in their turtle positions until given the all clear then sensibly walked out together to the field.

We are in the safest position when we pretend to be turtles. We make sure to cover our heads with our hands

We are all safe and so proud of ourselves for doing the right thing in an emergency! Kia manawanui whanau. Hang in there. :)


  1. Well done to all of those children in the junior hub. You are very responsible and are doing the right thing! We need to look after each other in these difficult times. Keep up the great work :-)

  2. Thank you for looking after our kids.

  3. This is one of the greatest post I have ever seen you were so pacific it was great. The only problem with this post that problem is the really big white space on one of your pictures. I remember that earthquake to it was awful.

  4. Hello Junior Hub, my name is Jaimie.
    I go to St Bernadette's School, Hornby.
    I like the way that everyone is in position for if an earthquake happened. I think you could improve on tucking your head in to touch your knees, because if the building fell down it could still hit your head,but anyway I like how you are practicing to keep safe even before it happened. Nice work keep it up.

  5. Hi Junior Hub, my name is Mikaela I am from St. Bernadette's School. I liked reading your post about the earthquakes because we all need to be aware and know what to do in an earthquake. Also I now know to curl up into a tuck position and stay there until the earthquake is gone. You could also curl up under a table and hold the legs.