Friday, 30 June 2017

Weka's Physical Education (P.E) Lesson

This week all the children in the hub started their Big Ball Skills unit. Here is some photo's of Weka Class.. They are all showing great skills!


  1. Wow, you look like you had so much fun Weka Class. Great skills to learn!! :) :)

  2. Hi I'm Lily from south hornby school I like the way you put the slide in the slide show I bet it was really fun and I love how the adults played they can have fun to. Did you like the warm ups? Can you reply and say what your favorite warm up was. I hope I get to do that at my school

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    sincerely yours

  3. Hi I'm Brianna and I'm from South Hornby School. It is cool how you are learning how to roll and catch and throw a ball. I remember when I was just learning how to catch a ball it was a little hard but then I got the hang of it. Maybe next time you could say what your favorite thing was and why you liked that one but others was it cool to see all if you trying to catch a ball.
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