Saturday, 1 July 2017

Kiwi Class Moon Stories

We have been learning and writing about the Moon in Kiwi Class. Here are our stories that we have written. Please excuse some of our facts, we are still learning!


  1. hi i love how you guys did the moon
    Description you found out all this info this reminds of me when i was leaning about the moon

  2. I like how you guys described the moon I learnt so much from that keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Junior Hub.
    I love the way you drew the moon pictures. This reminds me of the time I went star gazing with my family and we could see the moon the brightest. Now I know more about the moon and I think you did a GREAT job.


  4. Hi my name is Brianna, this is really cool how you have got to write stories about the moon. Also you have really cool pictures above your writing so it shows us what you are writing about. This is so cool because I like learning about the moon. I think maybe next time you could colour some of your moons in other wise nice work.
    Please come and look at my blog and give me feed back thank you.

  5. Hello Mediana here I've learned a lot about space, have a student ever seen a moon orbit?, you can learn more about space and planets to, and when the moon orbits. How many days, or weeks does it take? next time you could have a photo and the google slide. please look at my blog and give my feed back.
    How many days or weeks does it take for the earth to go around the sun?