Sunday, 27 August 2017

Letter Rr Writing Experience

Each week we study a new letter and we try to base our writing experience around this. It can consist of cooking, reading a book, science experiments or a craft activity. This week our letter was Rr and we got to use our new kitchen space to create our goodies. What could we be making? Check out our photos and video at the end to find out.


  1. Hi Junior Hub my name is Alex and I am a year 6 student in
    St. Bernadette's School. I liked the way you worked together to make the rice bubble cakes and I liked how you cleaned the dishes after you had finished mixing the ingredients. Did you have fun making the rice bubble cakes and will you make more food? Next time maybe you could write about what kremelta is. I look forward to seeing more cooking from the Junior Hub in your new kitchen.

  2. Hi Alex
    Weka class here. We loved making the rice bubble cakes. They are so yummy although they needed to be a bit more chocolatey. Have you had these before? We have made earth biscuits. We have also made popcorn but our teacher burnt it. Do you have a kitchen in your class?

  3. Kia ora Junior Hub
    B b b bubble cake. How delicious. I love how you can share what you have been doing through your hub blog. Having slides and images makes it so much more interesting. This gives me inspiration for when we make kai in our new kitchen.

  4. Kia Ora Junior Hub My Name is Nici, I'm from South Hornby School
    I like how you learn new letters every week its cool. Maybe next time you could make it a bit longer with the photos. How did you make the food?

    Love to hear back.
    blog you later

  5. Kia ora Junior Hub
    Chloe here from Rimu.
    I find it so cool how you can learn create and share this is something we need to do in our new hub.

    This was a very great idea.
    Do you do this on elphabetical order or not?

    I would love to know.
    What a great idea to cook to show your letters nice job Junior Hub.
    thats all for now blog you later

  6. Miss Corry - great video editing skills! A lovely way to present what our children are learning. Thank you. Perdita