Thursday, 24 August 2017

PE Fun - Kiwi & Weka

We have been working on our large ball skills this term. We began with passing, bouncing and throwing with our hands, then we have moved into passing and kicking with our feet. Today we ended our lesson with a Big Kick Competition. Well done Connor A for an amazing kick for the win! 

We also had lots of fun on Wednesday doing relays with balancing activities. We balanced ribbons on our heads and even did egg and spoon races. We have really been enjoying being able to be outside learning in this lovely weather. 


  1. Hello Junior Hub, Anisia from St.Bernadettes school year 6. I really like your little video of your P.E. Fun day. I have never seen ribbon balancing before. You would have to teach me your awesome skills one day.

  2. Hi Junior Hub its Saxon from yaldhurst model school, I really like your blog post about PE fun. Was it fun to make?

  3. Hello junior hub that PE video is really cool i love the video it is so cool I want to do it good work junior hub I hope you can comment back.

  4. Hey my name is Nikora and I am from South Hornby School and that video was very entertaining I like how you changed to different like books? that transfer doe. How you put the picture on a different texture that was nice. maybe next time you could put more pictures in the video and make the video a bit longer like under three minutes. Nice work Junior hub