Friday, 2 March 2018

We Can Do It Ourselves!

Te Rōpū Kura Pounamu were very proud of themselves during their Te Reo lesson last week. They all managed to stick their own Mihi into their books all by themselves. Gluing things into books can be tricky, but not for these kids! They are developing their independence and insisted on managing this task all on their own. 

Tino pai mahi Te Rōpū Kura Pounamu. Ka rawe!


  1. Fantastic effort everyone! I was amazed by your wonderful writing skills as well. Keep up the great work :-) . I wonder what you will learn to do this week...

  2. Hi there, I'm Abby and i'm a year 6 student at Yaldhurst Model School or you can say YMS.

    I liked the way you guys added pictures to you post it made it very eye catching.

    You guys brought me back to when I planted a sunflower.

    Kind regards, Abby.