Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Juliette MacIver

Juliette told us that she gets ideas of her stories from a word. At the start of this video, you will see how the story 'That's not a Hippotamus.' came about. She then shows us how to do the hippopotamus dance to find the hippopotamus, before reading the book to us. We had great fun and it was awesome!

Sunday, 2 August 2020

We were super lucky to have a visit from Juliette MacIver this week. We have lots of her books at school to read. I wonder which book will be the favourite...

Hot Chip Monday

We had a great start to our week during Play Based Learning this week. We used our new air fryer and made chips. We made a restaurant and took orders. There were a lot of different roles required to run our restaurant. We needed chefs, wait staff,  someone to take the orders, and someone to wash the dishes. The hardest part was waiting for the chips to cook. The hub smelled wonderful!

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

I can...

We have been learning about what makes us special and unique. 
In writing we have focussed on the I can sentence structures.
 Check out our awesome slides of what Kura Pounamu students can do.
We are awesome!


Sunday, 14 June 2020

Our amazing Support Staff Superheroes

Last week we were celebrating our amazing support staff in our school. In Te Ara Whakatau we decided to celebrate those that help up every single day. So we had a celebration for our wonderful support staff on Friday. Check out the video we made below!

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Class Awards for May 2020

As we are unable to have assemblies at the moment. We held our class awards within our hub. Check out all of these awesome new students and class award winners for the month of May.
We have such an incredible bunch of students we work with each day. Keep up the amazing work Te Ara Whakatau!

A big warm welcome to all of our new students in Kura Pounamu
Oliva McKenzie, Josias Waugh & Christopher Chang
                            A big warm welcome to all of our new students in Auaha
Ra-ryu (Ra) Rewha-Braxton  & Kino Coleman
Kura Pounamu Class awards:
Fish Awards: Leyla Haines & Carter Riordan
Duffy Awards: Jake Vivek & Jack Baker
Teacher Awards: Mei Salele & Christopher Chang
Wawata Class awards:
Fish Awards: Dylan Sansom & Harley Allen
Duffy Awards: Isabellah Mahoney & Sopich Lim
Teacher Awards: Thomas Batt & Sana Amiri
Auaha Class awards:
Fish Aawards: Adara Loper & Ian Bedford
Duffy Awards: James Munsey & Ra Rewha-Braxton
Teacher Awards: Kelsea Andales & Isabella Hancock
Maia Class awards:
Fish Awards: Aanaya Deo & Natania Salele
Duffy Awards: Caitlin Tan & Parker Kirkwood
Teacher Awards: Maddison Cummins
Mr Wilkinson is currently away so Ms Speden is Acting Principal and had an award to hand out.
Principal Award: Charlotte Cummins

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Azariah - The Kapa Haka Leader

Last week at Kapa Haka Matua Anton brought Azariah up to the front to give it a go being a leader. She did a fantastic job and it was so great to see her confidence grow and how proud she was! The smile on her face said it all! Ka rawe Azariah!